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~A podcast where we celebrate each lawyer's uniqueness.~ The Resilient Lawyer podcast is inspired by those in the legal profession living with authenticity and courage. You'll meet lawyers, entrepreneurs, mentors and teachers successfully bridging the gap between their personal and professional lives, connecting the dots between their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves. This podcast is about ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.
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The Resilient Lawyer: Integrative Lawyering | Holistic Law | Attorney Entrepreneur | Stress Management | The Anxious Lawyer | Mindfulness



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Jun 27, 2015

Tom Brown went from being top of his game as an attorney to disbarment and prison. I was so touched by his honesty and authenticity. It's hard to imagine bouncing back from this but he has and now he lives with so much joy and gratitude. I think we can all learn something from his story and his journey.

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Jun 23, 2015

Two questions I often get as I travel through U.S. is (1) why are you doing this trip and (2) what made you do this trip? I answer both questions in this PodBlast. Also, I talk about living a purpose driven life. 

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Jun 19, 2015

Yasmina Porter is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and also a dating coach. She shares her insights on finding the right person. Also, she shares a deeply personal story about working with a lawyer through her divorce.

Topics covered:

- What is a dating coach?
- Why loving yourself makes you more attractive
- Loving Kindness practice - what it is, why you should practice it
- Why Loving Kindness practice is good for businesses
- Racial bias in the legal profession
- What lawyers can do to help clients when you lose
- How harming others impact you
- Why women shouldn't chase men
- Happiness practices to help you find the love you want
- Be who you really are and you'll attract the right people
- How to create a habit
- Knowing the power of your intention
- Secret to being happier
​- Why being a meditator may be a good thing
- Just one minute of meditation is just enough
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Jun 16, 2015

Jeff Curl is Jeena Cho's husband and law partner. As Jeff puts it, he decided to try mindfulness because Jeena asked and "happy wife makes for a happy life." He talks about his experience going through the class, what he learned, and how it's improved his life - both personally and professionally. 

Jun 12, 2015

Michael Kahn, Reel Time CLE is a former lawyer turned therapist. He shares how he recognized that being a lawyer was no longer following his authentic path, pivoting to go back to school to become a therapist.

Topics covered:

  • Michael's journey from law school to becoming a counselor
  • Challenges of running your own business
  • Working with attorneys as therapy clients
    • Career transition - making room to fantasize about possibilities
    • Considering what  you enjoy
    • Noticing what you're drawn to
    • Recognizing you are more than an attorney
  • Normalizing fear - using it as guideposts
  • Listening to yourself, practicing self-care
  • Living with and working with anxiety

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Jun 11, 2015

In this episode, Jeena talks about anxiety - living with, treatment for, and finally befriending the anxiety. 

Above The Law: How to Know Anxiety


Jun 8, 2015

In this fascinating conversation, Jeena sat down with Mark Ressa, Bay Area family lawyer who is advocating for renegotiating the marriage contract in lieu of getting a divorce. We talked about the challenges, the different stages of marriage, marriage therapy, just to name a few. 

- The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels(Affiliate link)
- How to Create Your Own Unique Marital Plan, Huffington Post
- Resilient Lawyer - Better Lawyering Through Mindfulness program. Promo code: Absolutely

-Road Trip details

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Jun 5, 2015

This week we sit down to talk with Rebecca D. Martin, attorney in Kansas City, Missouri  about meditation, mindfulness, & the value of visualization in sports and beyond.

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Jun 3, 2015

Short PodBlast with Jeena Cho from the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRJ) conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL conference talking about how to know and be with conflict that facilitates positive change, deepening relationship and opportunity for growth rather than tearing apart relationships. Update on Jeena's road trip and invitation to connect.